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Fractional CMOs Ready to Accelerate Your Business From Day One

Strategies for Success

Our successful marketing strategies have launched new medical devices, powersports brands, action sports, recreational boats, home improvement products, self-storage companies, nonprofit membership organizations, museums, cable TV/HSI providers, arts & crafts tools and more. 

Build your brand

Your brand is crucial for your business success. Contact us for an initial brand review to explore rebranding or repositioning options.

About us

We help businesses strategize and grow.

Tuzee was initially launched in 2006 to provide business consulting services to clients in the powersports, health services, consumer products and action sports markets...

Our Services

We help early-stage small to medium-sized businesses, startups and companies in transition, achieve their full potential by offering fractional CMO services to create and execute accelerated growth plans. With over 30 years of experience working with national and global consumer brands, we are proven experts in helping you achieve your marketing and sales goals. We work closely with your teams, providing leadership, strategic guidance, and ensuring that all marketing activities are aligned with the strategic vision and objectives of the company.  

Growth Strategies

Improved customer service, marketing tech stacks, brand repositioning, innovative product development, expanded distribution, new market entry or staff reorganization can drive rapid growth.  Call us to see where we can help.

Operational Planning 

Operational planning provides a clear roadmap for success, ensuring everyone is working towards the same objectives. It improves efficiency and streamlines processes. We're ready to join your team, lead the way and execute flawlessly.

Change Management

Plan strategically to anticipate and mitigate resistance to change. We'll help create and execute a change management plan that builds trust and ensures organizational acceptance.

Brand Building

Brands are vital for success, defining your business and purpose to connect with your target customers. Let's discuss how rebranding or repositioning could boost your company's performance.

Boosting Businesses




Years of Experience


Power + Action Sports

With over 20 years of experience in the power
and action sports industry, we have established a
global presence.

Health + Wellness

We have extensive experience in the health and wellness industry, covering everything from mental health to physical fitness.

Consumer Products

We have extensive experience in advertising for consumer products worldwide, across a range
of sectors.


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