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Case Study:
National Charity
League, Inc.

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Case Study: National Charity League, Inc.

Worked with the Board of Directors and staff to create, adopt and execute a long-term strategic plan that allowed the 95-year-old charitable organization to reverse its 3-year revenue deficit, grow its topline by 125%, increase membership by 100% and add 65 new Chapters in 4 new states within 4 years. As part of the strategic growth plan, a multi-year governance realignment and staff/volunteer reorganization streamlined processes, rebuilt trust and instilled a collaborative culture that had eroded through the years.


A new marketing campaign, “The Making of a Philanthropist,” creation of an in-house communications team, and launch of a robust marketing communications initiative, attracted strategic alliances with the American Heart Association and Panhellenic groups to introduce the brand to new audiences and deliver relevant programming to its members.  A new trademark licensing program created an additional revenue stream and served as a brand guide for branded merchandise. With longer term goals to create a fundraising program, initial major gifts were made with recognition programs in place to support sponsors and donors.

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